Rejecting navel piercings?

I recently got my navel pierced in Sep 2014 so I've had it for 14 months it was infected looking so i finally went to my piercer and she said it was rejecting the piercing. So girls have you had a navel piercing be rejected? Did you get it redone? How did it do after you got it redone? And how long after it got rejected should i wait to get it repierced? Any tips would be wonderful!

P. S.
I do wanna get it redone.


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  • Piercings can be cool but my advice is always to listen to your body. If your body is rejecting it, don't force it.

    Your call though. :) Good luck with what you decide.


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  • My belly button piercing rejected pretty quickly. Basically within a month, the whole ring (bar?) had been pushed out almost completely, holding onto the skin above my navel by just a scab.

    I didn't get it redone. I felt like I should leave it be if it had already rejected, seeing as how I did once have an allergy to what I believe was nickel when younger. I was not able to wear any of the earrings from Claire's for too long without my ears being in pain and kinda pussing. The bellybutton ring I had gotten was supposedly hypoallergenic but... didn't want to risk getting a worse scar if it rejected again.


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  • Take it out instead of letting it reject fully so you can get it repierced when the hole is healed.