Is someone racist if they only call people the N word when they are angry?

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  • If angers makes you unable to conceal your racism, then yes you're probably racist.

    • Excellent answer.

    • Did you check out the other answers? Apparently everyone says racist things when angry?

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  • No Things happen but try to work on your anger and dont call them that

    • I don't. And I believe it's racist to be racist.

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    • What is this question about some kind of a trap? I disagree things happen you can't call every single person that walks the face of the earth a racist because something slipped out when they did not mean it. People say things that will hurt people because they know they get upset over things. It does not mean they are a hater. Heck my girlfriend would say things to me to get at me when she was upset knowing she does not really feel that way.

    • I did not come in here to be down voted by you Dude

  • Yes, but in reality we're all a little racist in the back of our minds but most hide it in attempt to follow what we call "political correctness".

    • No we are not all racist. We all may have our prejudices but not all of us are racist.

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    • EVERYONE is the same exact way, you don't necessarily have to agree with me.

    • Everyone is NOT the same way. I lived in a mixed race home. You really think no one got angry? You think when the white people did they started to scream racial slurs at each other? Ridiculous assumption. You are the one that does that. I don't and again no one I know does. So when you get angry at a woman do you call her a fucking nasty cuntbag bitch? Every male must hate women deep down right?