Ok people serious question What's the country that pays programmers the highest salaries and has a lot of job opportunities?

  • USA
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  • Canda
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  • A country in Europe (I'll specify)
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  • A country in Asia (I'll specify)
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  • Australia
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  • Just wanna see the answers
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  • Companies in the USA are having a very difficult time filling programming jobs, this is causing pay to jump and companies turning to stealing programmers from competitors and getting the government to expand the H1B visa program in desperation.

    • But I heard the exact opposite
      I heard that there are plenty of programmers who can't find jobs which is why they work abroad (mainly work in Germany)

    • @Asker I work for a silicon valley technology company in the engineering department, and I know first hand we have plenty of open positions we simply can't fill in a reasonable amount of time. We've had to expand overseas offices.

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  • I am not sure to be honest but if you google it you would find it! I suggest you ask professional online that live in other countries how much they make and then ask around and then you will know best.


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  • Probably Australia, or maybe Canada... I'm not sure about Europe, possibly Switzerland or Sweden.


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