Can someone explain this 2 minute video to me please?

Here's the link:

I've watched many videos on this channel and they are all very insightful and positive. This particular one though, is quite depressing and seems to encourage a very pessimistic view of love. I'm convinced that I'm misinterpreting it and missing the point of the video. Can someone help me make sense of it? In a way that I'm misunderstanding it or help me grasp why he stated what he did by providing credible evidence to back up those statements?

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to help me :)


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  • Interesting... Not sure I completely agree with the video... I was going to try and come up with an interpretation of the message but I can't really.
    Yeah, we're all individuals who have our outside identities and our inner identities (not always the same... usually far from it!), and the idea of being in love isn't always what it seems... People love each other at certain times (sometimes for longer, sometimes shorter) based on the outside appearance that each person lets on (which again, may not be wholly true).
    I still believe that love is real though.
    Love can be an illusion, but then again all of life can be/is an illusion.

    The lesson? If this video didn't completely resonate with you, don't worry that you're 'wrong' or anything, it just means the owner of that channel has a different outlook on the topic than you. It's OK to take ideas, roll them around in your head, and decide that you don't agree. Doesn't make the other ideas this person has any less valid (or more valid), just means you see the topic differently. And with this topic, I don't think there's a right/wrong way to see it. Whatever works for you :-)


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