Should I stop talking to Liam?

My best friend Anthony doesn't like Liam and told me to stay away from him because he isn't a good guy. And he threatened to tell my mother that I spent the night at liam's house even though I told her I was going to stay at anthony's house.

Anthony came the next day to my house and
saw that I wasn't home. When I went to the school after staying at liam's house. Anthony found out and got mad :(
He even threatened me!!!

I'm starting to like Liam a lot and he's really nice to me.
I don't know what to do.
Anthony tells me not to talk to Liam anymore and stay away. I don't wanna upset my best friend and my mother but I like Liam a lot.


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  • Well you choose. Either you stay with your supposedly platonic best friend or you try something with that other guy.

    • We are childhood friends, I can't just leave Anthony even though I don't like him very much right now. It wouldn't be the right thing to do. I don't know what to do.

    • There's a chance that Anthony likes you more than a friend. That OR you should listen to him when he's saying that the other boy is bad. Chances are you being a girl are not able to tell whether a boy is being deceitful and manipulative or not.

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  • Sounds like Anthony's jealous. Either way you shouldn't have lied to your mother and used your best friend as a cover without his consent.

    • I'm really sorry I had to do this but Anthony wouldn't have agreed otherwise. He hates liam. I don't see why he would be jealous, he's only a bit mad.

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    • Should I keep seeing Liam and lie to my best friend? I don't wanna do this but this seems to be my last option.

    • Ask Anthony why he doesn't like Liam, and tell him that you want to stay friends but you also want to talk to Liam because you like him

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  • Liam neeson? Yeah you should probably stop talking to that oldie.


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