Do you have any ideas for my horror story?

im doing this thing for my geography class and im writing a horror story, and I need help because, the main character Claire and her brother Daniel are dead but they are pretending to be alive they kil people and when they are around everything turns cold, and ice. so them and there friends are in Daniel and Claires parents house I need help with what to do next I need ideas! like should I make it cold during the night and then thing start to go wrong if so what things should go wrong? I know that Claire and Daniel are going to be the first ones to go so no one suspects its them, but do you have any ideas?


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  • basically get the story of fallout 4 and write it.
    im obsessed with fallout 4.

  • are dead and pretending to be alive?
    do you mean they died and they are thinking they are alive?

    • no like they're dead, and they're pretending to be alive, like they seem like they are real put they aren't. kinda like Jason or Freddy crougar

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    • the story is a off it's not good or horror
      you can say claire and her brother daniel died in house fire , and they hunt anyone who live in there house or you want a serial killer story

    • yeah, like Jason, that was a horror story so.. and this one is similar to that one

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