How to make extra money?

I only have 2 years till I move out and live on my own. I would really like to be able to find a place, and search for a job while supporting myself on what I can make now. I'd really like some ideas on how to make some extra money, I'll be starting a part time job in February but I'll need more than I can make while I work there. Thanks.


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  • Prostitution?

    • I was expecting this comment. No thanks. I'm not that strapped for cash. Plus I feel like Strippers get payed better for less gross work.

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    • @tony72722 Oh no I might look bad on an internet forum to people who are overly sensitive? Whatever shall I do?

    • Lol you got some issues.

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  • Part time job at a grocery store. Nothing better until you're 18.
    Ermm, other than that, I guess mow lawns or shovel snow and pet sit or babysit if you can.

  • You are 15 years old but I'd suggest you invest in dividend stocks lol. Ask your parents if they can do it for you.


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