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So about a month ago I started talking to this guy online, we met up and because instant best friends. Not long after we began a friends with benefits deal. We talk daily for 12 hours at least. We have sex once a week. We haven't kissed yet though. However we've told each other we love each other as friends. Then just that we love each other. He said he would wipe away my tears if I cried and he sometimes just wants to see me hug or talk. He compliments my smile, nose and personality all the time. He says he wants to make love to me not just have sex. I just don't think this is a normal friends with benefits realtionship. He is so sweet to me and cares very deeply about keeping our friendship intact no matter what.


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  • If you want to know how he feels about the arrangement then you need to ask him, and clearly define what your expectations are and what you're comfortable with, so he doesn't get the wrong impression.