Help me we are working on a ANDROID game?

Me and my friend are working on android game and I need YOUR help.

We want to make game like a dots, but more advanced.
Help me we are working on a ANDROID game?
What do you think that in most android games is missing? (example; story, score etc...)

Thank you for taking time!


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  • If I was doing this I'd do it 3d instead of 2d, and make them animated characters instead of dots.

    • thank you for your reply, yes we were thinking in that way too, but you probably know that animated characters and 3d takes a lot more time and it's way more advanced.

      Already this is advanced thing for programming also design takes a lot of time to make everything perfect.

      Do you have any more recommendations (we will stick for first on 2d), thank you for taking time!

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    • If that would be so easy everyone would do I know about unity, yeah. But it's not about that, it's about giving quality product away. With 3d it takes double or even triple the time.

      Yes we'll work in Unity (i won't) the programmer will be I'll help him with UI / UX.

    • ideas and other things you've got any good ideas for game?