Do you text dumb deliberately and do you use the new slang?

On fleek
Bye Felicia
Damn it! I forget the others. You get it, the NEW slang. Do you say any of this?
I'm tired of having to Google what all this new slang means to understand a conversation or a gif.

And I'm wondering when you see people writing something like...
Da for the and dat for that. Or ta for to. Just cutting down almost every word or respelling it their way.
I mean, my auto correct won't let me text that way.
You're making your text harder just to look dumb. And if you talk like that wellll... 🎶Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad I'm not a fool...🎶
I normally don't care what most people I don't know do. But in this case I try reading a comment and I feel like I'm trying to crack a code. You make no sense. Also they are normally trying to make a point on an important subject. O_o I don't think anyone can really take it seriously.
Our future is looking more and more like the movie Idiocracy everyday.

Now.. my rant had to do with not knowing how to write in understandable English.
And only one word really bothers me about the new slang. Bae. It's not English and the only word it is a language in is Danish it means Poop. POOP!
Who started this? Why does it exist? I hate it! How hard is it to say babe or baby?
Nope lazy speakers keep on chopping up words.


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  • Truthfully I am horrible at slang. Lol, ttyl8r are like the only ones I know and I don't use them that often. Most of the time I have to Google the slang words.


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