(Read fully) Dad gets pissed when I leave without asking?

*I understand why he would be mad that I didn't tell him I left* What Im confused about is why he keeps saying my life is going to hell or im gonna mess my life up by doing this.. why does he get so worked up over me leaving? If its bright daylight he yells when I leave, not even if its dark... how is my life going to go to hell by me going to a friends house at night or day? Then he keeps saying I am an adult and I can do what I want.. but when I do what i want, he yells at me for it. Him and my sister are gonna make a intervention plan for me just because Im going out when I want. All my life I have never been allowed to do anything and now that I am old enough to go out I get in huge trouble! My dad is getting old and he's making things way more difficult then they seem. He yelled at me yesterday for sleepin a certain way! He wants to make me live with my sister because he can't hardly stand the fact that I am old enough to do what I want... what do I do? When I talk to him he says im just making excuses..


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  • There isn't much you can do. Your dad suddenly got the "I have to be overprotective of my little princess" mode turned on and it's neigh impossible for it to be turned off. Especially if you said he's old. You should plane on how to adapt or deal with this and not how to change him - the latter is not happening anymore.


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