Christmas Starbuck's cup hater! Are you excited to be joining Consumerist Christmas?

I would just like to welcome all the people complaining about the Starbucks cups to Consumerist Christmas! I have been celebrating Consumerist Christmas for years, which focuses on the lights, the trees, gift giving, music, coffee cups, etc. Basically anything that has nothing to do with the birth Jesus! It is a total blast, and it is nice to see people jumping to the cause and ditching that boring old christian Christmas! I mean, Christian Christmas has no lights, no trees no Santa Clause, and certainly no decorated coffee cups! Yuck!

Are you finally joining Consumerist Christmas this year?


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  • Christmas hasn't been about Jesus in a very long time


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  • You know, Dunkin Donuts, Dutch Brothers or some other coffee chain should jump headlong into this with explicitly Merry Christmas coffee cups. Let Free Enterprise rule.

  • Either the sarcasm is buried very deep, or it isn't there at all.

    • It is sort of sarcastic, but I really do celebrate the consumerist Christmas, I am not christian. I just think it is ironic Christians get upset about a materialistic thing that has nothing to do with their religion, but instead the consumerist side of Christmas.

    • I don't really have a problem with consumerist Christmas whatsoever. I do have a problem with people who mock the spiritual Christmas that I cherish. Not saying this cup fiasco is an example of that but like, if I don't mock his Christmas, why is he still mocking mine, you know?

    • I don't mock Christian Christmas, I do mock the ones who get confused as to which is which however.

  • I don't understand but you made me really want an egg nog latte! lmao

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