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there's this girl that I am friends with on Facebook that I went to high school with. We never really talked then but I just recently decided to start talking with her. I am sort of new to dating since I really haven't had any time because of school. The first time we chatted, it took her a few minutes between replies. I think it was because she was on messanger. We ended ok, with me saying that we should have lunch sometime. She said okay sure! but never answered back. Two days later, I said Hello and asked her how her day was and we had a small conversation. I ended that conversation with I hope you have a good night and she responded 20 minutes later with a goodnight (with a blush face). During that conversation I asked her what days she had off and she answered that she goes to school five days a week. At about the same time she posted something on facebook saying that she isn't one to rush and that patience is key!. I know that that was aimed at me and dont know how to respond to that. How often should I chat with her? Any topic suggestions for when we do chat again?


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  • Chat with her whenever you like and based off her response go with it. However I would put together a "Get together" day as soon as possible so you're not just talking etc. That way you know if your time is being wasted.


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