If you were born deaf, what language would you think in? Plus if you were born blind, what would you see in your dreams?

Those two questions have always puzzled me


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    You don't think in language, you think in ideas and concepts. If you actually had to say everything you were about to do 'aloud' inside your head before you did it, you'd function extremely slowly.

    There have been numerous cases throughout history of 'feral children' who never learned a language. There is a critical period for developing that part of the brain, usually before the onset of puberty, after which it is borderline impossible.

    The case of 'Ildefonso' is what I am specifically thinking of, because when he acquired language after 27 years, they asked what it had been like living purely from instinct before.

    “I think differently. I can’t remember how I thought.”


    I think that language encourages a kind of cognitive development that shapes how you think and reason. But you don't consciously think in words and sentences (unless you are planning out what you're going to say or write)

    A person who was born blind has no concept of sight and images, and won't have any imagery in their dreams. Someone who became blind later in life will likely have some dreams with images.

    • @imanf7 Please read the link I posted if you're interested about what happens to people who grow up without any language or socialisation. In the past, communities of people who were deaf would naturally create sign languages in order to communicate with each other as well as with the people who were hearing in that community. It is only in the last 200 years that such languages have been seriously studied and recorded.

    • thank you soooo much :)
      im going to read it

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  • ooo, maybe Spanish for the language :P or or maybe id THINK in brail. ?

    in my dreams id just see the world based on the way people describe it, but I'm not sure about colours. maybe black and white? it;s interesting to think about.

  • I suppose you would see in whatever you think things to be when you dream if you are blind.
    And if you are deaf people... well i am not sure, but they know languages they could read lips so they just think in words of whatever language they learnt.
    Lol i have never thought of either one of those before


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  • If you were born deaf and know sign language, you would think in this language. It difficult to explain and imagine but their minds work a little bit different from ours.
    If you were born blind, you'd "hear", "smell", "feel" and "taste" things in your dreams instead of visualising them.

    • what about when there was no sign language?

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    • thank you

    • @imanf7 was born as the Caveman did not learn sign language, if always know the Hand Gesture and Psychic reason.

  • this is an interesting question. it would be great if there was a deaf or blind member who could give a true experience

    I wondered a similar question about babies. my infant daughter would have dreams at only a few days old. I wondered what she could dream about since she could barely see and had no experiences. and yet a few minutes into sleep she'd smile and laugh and have all these facial expressions

  • They say you think in shapes, rather than words. It's the case of Einstein, he wasn't a really capable child for talking, so they say he developed a system to think in shapes rather than words and his success in mathematics and physics is where it comes from.

    • How you know if 'Thomas Edison' is totally Deaf and his own Physic the bulb light.

  • I suppose, if you're deaf it would be your native language. After all they can still read. As for blind, I guess they see the world in their dreams the way their hands interpret shape. As for color who knows. It would be one trippy ass dream.

    • i know right, It would be full of colours and god knows what else