You're my last hope?

I know this isn't the place to ask for homework help, but I'm at my wits' end with this one.
So, who's good at integration?

∫ 3/x^2 dx

It's just that it's a fraction, and I've never been very good at working with indices.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help :)

Come on, I know there are smart people here who help people with their homework- I used to be one of them until this happened D:


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  • HEY! he totally stole my answer lmao

    • by the way, whenever you have a fraction, pull out the value and place it outside the integral... so you really should have been trying to integrate 1/x^2. and then you can turn that fraction into x^-2 and apply your integration rules.

    • your answer was right but not very systematic :P

    • @sizedoesnotmatter lmao you should have told me you wanted to see the steps :p

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  • ∫ 3/x^2 dx
    = ∫ 3x^-2 dx Power law: x^-2 =1/x^2
    = 3(x^-1/-1) + c Take common and integrate x^-2
    =-3x^-1 + c Multiply with 3
    you should thank some math geek here on gag :D

    • Thank you, O mighty master of the mathematical. I am eternally grateful. :D

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  • Use youtube or copy off a nerd! LOL

    • Normally I am the nerd D:

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    • I don't have time for that! Plus not many of my friends do A-Level maths so... yeah :/

    • haha... I guess just turn it in unanswered! lol what can I say?

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