Is going out late at night weird and a very bad decision?

Im am a college student and have lots of friends. Me and a group of my friends sometimes go out from 9pm or a little later till 3am. We have so much fun. My dad however hates it. He screams at me if I go out past 10. I am 19. We normally dont do bad things when we go out. A typical night for us is to order pizza, go to a lounge or play games, or have fun events, maybe even go to a teen or adult club. Is it weird or bad to do this? My dad thinks its ridiculous and irresponsible. He says its a horrible choice to make. he's very upset I went out last night.

  • Its not normal to be out late.
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  • young adults are normally out late.
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  • I don't know if it's normal but I wouldn't stay out that late unless I absolutely have to.

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