Squirrel diet question?

I was cleaning a cupboard when I found an old box of Cajun spiced peanuts. They have become stale in their old age and I want to share them with someone who will appreciate them. My neighborhood has a very lovely squirrel community, so I thought I would give them the nuts, but I want to make sure that they won't be harmed by the gift.
Is Cajun seasoning OK for squirrels?


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  • I LOVE squirrels!!! :) :) :)
    Here's what I would do!! I would take the old nuts, throw them in a strainer, and rinse them several times. That way, you can get rid of some of that seasoning, AND the cute little squirrels can enjoy the nuts!! :)
    I don't think they will be harmed by the seasoning, but I don't know if the extra seasoning would be harsh on their tummies. :)
    I love this post!! :P

    • but they are in shells :-\
      And I love squirrels too! 😍

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    • Thanks for the MHO!!
      by the way, how did the rinsing of the cajun peanuts go? :)

    • It seemed to work! Though I haven't really seen the squirrels eat them yet.
      But also, no squirrels have exploded. (To the best of my knowledge) @ordinarygentleman

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  • Give it to one
    this will be your experimental squirrel
    if it explodes you should stop feeding them those
    if not they are safe

    • Ok!! I'll watch for exploding squirrels, and letcha know what hHappens!

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  • Why don't you feed them to the trolls?

  • Not a good idea. Often the seasoning has small amounts of sugar in it and that's bad news for their teeth. Also they aren't used to spices so it may cause a bit of havoc on their system. Probably best not to do-however in the end it is just a squirrel. I say if they are grey squirrel then go for it- those guys are little assholes.

  • Feed one just one and watch and see if it starts losing it's shit and drinking water.

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