Does this girl hate me?

I told people me and this girl hooked up over fall break and she found out. She asked me why I said that and I kinda just ignored her since i was with my friends. She kept glaring at me after that and I think she rolled her eyes at me. And we had the same seminar class together and now she doesn't come. i think she transferred to a different class.

  • YES. And she probably wishes you got hit by a bus
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  • yes she hates you
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  • she is indifferent towards you
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  • no she likes you and is just playing hard to get
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  • YES. And she probably wishes you got hit by a bus


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  • Warning!! This comment contains vulgar language, viewer discretion is advised. You sound like a biggest bitch kid

    • you don't even know me

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    • Still not cool, i bet she felt like you used her. It was a private moment thats not something you share... You basically betrayed her. You more than likely look like the sum of the earth to her

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  • It seems like you may have been interested. Listen. If you like a girl, you should tell her. Picking on a girl in elementary school because you like her is different than spreading rumors about her sex life to spoil her reputation.

    • why did you say i like her

    • because why else would you spread a rumor about her if you didn't like her or were jealous

    • Jealous?

  • Why would u go off telling people that? I don't get it. It happened between u two. Keep it between u two. It's not something u should go off bragging to ur friends about. She probably thinks that all the people u told, are gonna think she's a hoe...

    • how am i bragging all i did was tell a few people

    • I don't know if u were, but that's usually what guys do, and it's what I recollected from what u wrote. But that girl probably did not want people to know. That's hecka private.

  • You told information she didn't want out, and you ignored her when she asked why which probably translated to you don't care, so she's avoiding you and doesn't want anything to do with you because of it.


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