Ist time to go to police?

I was walking n the street and then I saw a car comeing directly to hit me then in the last moment he turn the steering wheel I was like freezing and too angry then he opened his window and said how r u! I know this guy from 6 years ago he's a friend of my friend so I don really know him I said why u want to hit me by ur car he said c'mon it was a joke I was too angry then he said it's long time I didn't see u I said this is not the way to introduce urself after long time and then I left. Today I saw him and he did the same thing but less than the last time like he was more far but he did it. I'm really angry and I don't consider this as a joke I have warned him the last time but he ignored me. I think it's time to go to police right?


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  • No you don't go to the police it's waste of tax dollars money and a waste of their time. What he did is childish but nothing the police can do about it but tell him to not do it again.

    • I have told him but he's kinda won't listen until I punch his jaw

    • Then the police would arrest you for assault.

    • It's better to avoid this shit hope he can remember that I don't like this joke. Thanks anyway

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  • He was trying to be friendly but you responded like a bitch.

    • Friendly what if he lost control on the car u bitch? Also I have told him to not do this

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    • Nah u acting like bitch now

    • Good luck with that attitude

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