Are you who you say you are?

Are you really who you say you are
The person that you are online
Are you that person?
Do ypu resemble that person?
Are you got with that person?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have no agenda to be other than who I am.
    From what I've posted, I don't think a reasoning
    for my having an ulterior motive is evident anywhere.
    My GAG question depends on the truth of others.
    The answers would only benefit me if they were for my truth.
    I have nothing to hide.
    I believe if an assessment was made of the cumulative material I have online,
    all the references should prove to be compatible and aligned.
    The Math should add up.
    I am proud of what I've accomplished in being the person I am.
    Like anyone, I would enjoy sharing whatever wished to be be gleaned from my accomplishments. There scope is well documented in the public record.
    I am not afraid of presenting these commonsense avenues to scrutinize me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • HELL YA! LOL only I don't show my loud crazy self out loud but ask my cousin and brother and they will tell you I say fuck a lot I talk about who sexy fine and who ew... lol The only thing you don't see is my depression but everything is 100 percent real! lol


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