Should I be more serious about this?

I have a guy friend and he's my college ear training (music) instructor. No, he's not old, if that's what you were wondering.
I have feelings for him, but he's unavailable at the moment. Every week, we'd have lunch at one of the cafes near campus. It's our weekly routine kind of thing. We also have dinner on the weekends. A few weeks ago, one of his students I don't know apparently saw us and the next time this student and my friend bumped into each other this guy asked him, "who was that girl you were with the other day?" and stuff to which my friend replied "oh, that's (my name)." "Isn't she your student?" "Yes..."
Our school does not have a student-teacher policy, so I wish I didn't feel so... Secretive and Judged. Besides, we're just friends.
Anyway, today, we went to the cafe as usual, and one of my former teachers (I kind of have bad blood with)/his collegue walked in. She knows he's my teacher so I was trying to kind of read her reaction, but she just smied, briefly chatted with me, and went to sit at a table.
I don't know what she thinks of me after I threw shade at her and "fired" her from being my vocal coach (I'm a Vocal Performance major), so I'm worried...
I must sound like a terrible person right now, but there's really more to that story.
Anyway, I keep telling him we need to be more careful even though there's no policy right now on student-teacher friendships or any kind of ship, but it's hard to be careful when we can't go that far from campus to have lunch and come back and there aren't many places to eat around there (surprisingly).
I'm sure no one wants to read a super long story, so i'll rap it up.
It's not 100% certain, but my school plans to ban romantic/sexual relationships between students and faculty. Like I said, we're just friends right now, but it won't matter from the outside.
As of now, there is no policy. We are free to hang out. But I can't help but worry a little. SHOULD I be this worried and should we be more careful, even though we're just friends? Or should we go on like nothing's wrong? I mean, the policy doesn't exist right now, it's just an idea which is rumored to be released next semester.
I don't plan to stop spending time with him. I just need to know if this is something we should be more concerned and careful about or if I'm overreacting.
And please don't make judgmental comments, I'm just asking if I should be worried or if it's nothing big.


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