GUYS!! any clean but embarrassing dares for an early teen birthday party?

see , i have my birthday party on 18th November and i have strict parents who won't allow anything. i need clean but funny dares to do and nothing that my parents won't allow. some very funny dares which no one could deny but they all would regret. my friends easily say that they don't want to do the dares so i need something that could be easy but very embarrassing.

thanks for your opinions !! 😃😃😃


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  • 1) Yell out the name of every person they had a crush on like an idiot and record it. Show it to everyone you know to school.
    2) Everyone write a stupid/embarrassing poem and the person has to read pretend they wrote it and read it out loud during class to their crush.
    3) Put on a pig costume to school
    4) Has to eat a random food everyone makes, for example grab Cheetos with tomatoes sauce, ranch, bananas, sour cream, chocolate ice cream, hot sauce, jelly, eggs, and mix them! They have to eat it all! (it has to be food)
    5) Wear their underwear on top of their pants for one whole day of school. (for guys)


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  • Prank call someone (a crush or a teacher perhaps)
    Wear an embarrassing outfit and walk outside
    Have a sword fight with kitchen utensils (I've done that one before)
    If there's a guy at your party, make him wear makeup.

    • Thanks , these are very helpful 😃😃

    • You're very welcome :) perks of spending a lot of time with my 13 year old sister and her wacky friends. I've played truth or dare with them, this was a few of them.

      Have fun :)

    • Thanks !!😃😃

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  • I've found handstands to be a crutch for most people...
    if booze were involved, i could have given you more... sorry :)

    • It's ok... i understand. Thanks for your honesty though 😃😃

    • at least i gave you one darling, no one is going to want to do a handstand/headstand.

    • Yeah , ok fine

  • Have people look through your phone and internet history :O

    • Woah !! Not at all , they'll die if they see that 😋😋

    • That's kind of the point.

  • Draw ALL OVER yourself with sharpie, and take a picture. And for a BONUS, send it to some friends!👍🏻😜

  • Making people sing.

    • Don't you think that's Kiddish?

    • That's what makes it embarrassing. That and the public speaking part.

    • Oh , yeah i hate public speaking

  • Guys have to sing 'Im a Barbie girl'. And wear a dress while doing it.
    Kiss the same sex on the lips.
    Guys have to wear a shirt with 'im gay' on it all day
    guys wear makeup
    Damn these are getting hammered lol.
    Ummm.. for a girl.
    Eat bugs.
    and thats all i got.

    • why does it have to be too girly
      why only guys? :/

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    • Sorry I don't know girls dont usually do dares unless it goes sexual lol. I don't know this is tough bc there is no alcohol or sexual stuff involved.

    • For wearing the shirt with "I'm gay" on it, does it have to be at school?

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