Is a presidential candidate more appealing if he associates with others that wish to kill gay people?

  • Yes killing gay people is a huge plus
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  • No not really. I prefer my presidential candidate to associate with normal people
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  • Not sure/please pass the gravy/see the results
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  • ehhh.. tomato soup.


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  • ahh yes the republican party, those noted shiny happy people who love all the people. well that is until they're actually born. after that it's a whole other story, and a sordid one at that.

    • Well most of my Vegas friends are still in the womb! You have something against a fetus that parties?

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    • how would bruce clean it? *i really like the visual of bruce cleaning a bong lol*

    • Not how I came up with that one lol

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  • No and I don't agree with any of these options. A presidential candidate is more appealing if they accept the people of their country regardless of what sex they're into.

    • Bingo. If I had a cookie and could give it to you then you would have an extra cookie in your pocket. Great answer.

What Guys Said 3

  • I literally don't see why people care so much about what gender people are having sex with but don't bat an eye for sickos fucking horses, chickens etc

    • Now ok a horse? Doable and yes gross but a chicken? Now who here has a pecker so small that it fits in a chicken?

    • I don't know it came to mind from the devils rejects lol

    • :P
      I sure hope I never see a chiicken porno. I will NEVER eat at KFC again!

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Republicans would be in favor of this. Because you know, homosexuality is a biblical sin, kinda like killing. But they tend to forget about at least one of them.

    • Damn skippy. Glutinous behavior also seems to be forgotten. "Passes Kryspy Creme to Christie screams.

  • They are speaking to the people who are attending, not the pastor. I don't see the issue.

    • I'm sure you don't but my guess is you complained about the company Obama kept.

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    • @Asker being mentored by someone is hugely different than attending an event hosted by someone. I'm sorry you're partisanship blinds you to such simple concepts.

    • Here is a simple concept. Three candidates are introduced by a religious weirdo that suggests killing gay people. Insane yes. Simple yes. Can you understand? No. Why? Because you are programmed by Fox news and your own hate. Congrats for making it even more simple. Maybe you need to see the video where that same pastor in FRONT of the audience and all three candidates talks about smearing cow poop all over himself while attending a gay marriage. What mentally ill candidate would even allow himself to be introduced AND to shake hands with them? Exactly. A bunch of religious zealots.