Do you think superdelegates should be removed for the election Process?

"In some presidential elections, superdelegates can play a major role in determining the Democratic nominee. Unlike delegates, superdelegates are not bound to represent the popular vote of a region at the Democratic National Convention; they are free to support any candidate for the nomination. The Republican Party does not have superdelegates.

Superdelegates are not selected on the basis of party primaries and caucuses in each state. Instead, superdelegate standing is based on the status of current or former officeholders and party officials, including all Democratic members of Congress. Superdelegate is a term that arose in the 1970s.

In order for a candidate to win the party nomination for president, he or she must gain the majority of delegate votes. The purpose of superdelegates is for high-ranking Democrats to maintain some control over the nominating process. Superdelegates make up one-fifth of the delegates at the Democratic National Convention. So, 747 of the 5,083 delegates attending the 2016 Democratic National Convention can choose whichever candidate they prefer.

Out of 2,470 total delegates at the Republican National Convention in 2016, 437 are unpledged delegates, who play the same role as superdelegates. Of the 437, 168 are members of the Republican National Committee."

  • Yes they should, they undermine the voting power of the American people and are only their to rigg elections
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  • No they shouldn't, they exist to assist the American voter to make sure they don't nominate someone who will destroy the country
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  • I'm against a lot of this stuff. Superdelegates, electoral college, super pacs. It's all there to pervert the political process for the gain of private interests.


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  • I'm not American but personally I think the whole electoral college should be gotten rid of. It seems like political instrument of the 19th century to me. It doesn't make any sense to have it at all in my opinion. All it does is rig the whole democratic process. If the American people want to elect a complete idiot for president (which some people would argue has happened before despite the electoral college), let them do it. That's what democracy is for. It's a disadvantage democracies have to live it.

    • The electoral college isn't a part of the primary process. It's only a part of the general election.

      The electoral college helps limit the importance of money in the political process since most states are all or nothing. This means that candidates only need the money to focus on competitive states rather than the money to complete for votes nationwide.

    • I don't think that's fair though. Why should a state like New Hampshire get more attention than, say, California? If it's all just about money, I'd prefer a law that prohibits super PACS and sets a limit for how much you're allowed to spend on your campaign. My favorite system would be one where the government itself provides a certain amount of money (so that poor candidates also get a chance and it's not about the size of a candidate's wallet) and that's what they'd have to use. So the government would basically say "here you go, each of you gets 10 millions and that's all you get. Whoever manages to convince the American people more with this money will become president. That would be fair and create a real competition where skills matter and not just how wealthy you are. It would also ensure that candidates remain neutral cuz big companies and rich people wouldn't be able to buy their candidate and make him into their little political puppet.

  • we really need to just do a direct election. there's really no point to having conventions and electoral votes. it's not 1840 anymore. we have actual technology to do this. plus, democrats are voting for democrats and republicans are voting for republicans. everyone in the middle is gonna vote for whoever. it also gets rid of these extremist problem. these dickheads will actually have to sound competent than just be the most left/right.

  • I think we should eliminate the two party system completely.

  • I don't like them, but the parties may make their nomination using whatever criteria they want.

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