!! Got a confession to make? I do !! and I feel very guilty?

A little long but if you are reading this read it all... please

So here it goes... i killed a dog (small one) when i was a kid... i know its very terrible!!! but it was a mistake!! and i didn't know what i was doing..!

i was all alone and i had no friends or very few at that times...
i loved puppies and i used to play with them... one day i dont know why and what happened there was a plant which had some kind of a white liquid coming out of it (if you break the leaf from the plant)
and i did a terribl thing...
i put that white thing in the eyes and nose of the puppy i was playing with.. suddendly after few minutes the puppy started having fits i guess and it was not acting normal...
i got scared and ran off...

then after that day i went on a trip for 4 days... and when i returned home... i tried to find that puppy where i left it... and i saw that it was dead :(

i felt so terrible... i also heard the puppy's mother crying...

it has been 15 years since this has happened... and i still feel guilty about it... and i still fell terrible when i remember it...
i blame myself for that and feel guilty as to why i did it... and i should'nt have done it...

i am a bad person? am i forgiven? cause i dont bond with girls really well especially girls... i feel like i dont deserve love cause i took someones away !! i deserve to be alone i guess!


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  • If you're atheist, just move on and don't do it again. If you're a religious person, do whatever you can to get forgiveness.

    • nope i am not a religious person... and thanks i have moved on but sill remeber it sometimes... i guess i should just forget it completely

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    • oh that's terrible..

    • yeah... poor pup :(

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