What should I do about this?

Ok so on Tuesday I was extremely mad at my ex because he had humiliated me and told people what I told him on Gmail out loud and told me I deserved it. Then the next day he had told my friend ( a girl) beside me he said "Ashely act like she can't text nobody back on Gmail :) " Now today, this guy that I don't like was mad because he had to sit by me and I was like "I don't like sitting by you either" and he was like "oh you don't huh? I see :)" then he had walked out the classroom and then he came back walking with my ex and he was like "Ashely said that she doesn't like sitting by me, just to let you know :)" and then my ex had said "Mhm I know she don't, she had snitched on you on Gmail :)" . He had said that because he had asked if that guy was friend or not and I told him no because he's rude. Although, THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THAT MY EX HAS SAID SOMETHING TO ME AND I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM. I'm trying really hard not to go off on him. I have been ignoring him a lot and I have deleted him off my circles on Gmail and everything else. So, what should I do about this? @Paris13 @Applefan1 @smahala1991 can you answer this one as well


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  • It can take a lot of time for these sorts of things to calm down because everybody is feeling things. Just try to sit it out until it goes away. It will calm down.


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  • Continue to Put him on your pay no mind list, @Ashely_Princess, and eventually, he will grow tired of you giving him the cold shoulder.
    However, unless you say something as well so he can really tell that you mean business, it might go on longer so get used to Be... Stronger.
    He has this crush on you and with his retaliations of different things being you are not this couple, he is being a sore sport.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

    • So welcome, @Ashely_Princess and thank you for the upvote. xxoo

    • Thank you so much for The Vote of Confidence, @Ashely_Princess and as always you know Paris knows Best from the Rest.:)) xxoo

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  • I've read this 3 times and still dont understand what happened.

    • What can I do for my ex to stop messing with me?

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  • I still say you should leave and ignore and reject this dumbass... but since he won't leave you alone report him to your dean.