I realised that I had very hight expectations about myself, any advice on how to be happy about the person that I am?

so after realizing and analyzing my behaviore and my way of thinking (i was miserable pretty much all the time) i came to the to conluction that im insecure about myself and how i am because i dont live up to an ideal that is mostly made up my other people.

Throughout my teens until now people would assum a lot of things about me, and it was only positive stuff, but it again it made me feel inadequate because in reality i knew i couldnt live up to them. So as a result of that ifelt bad about myself because i felt i wasn't good enough.

But now i know that ist okay to be me, no one is perfect and just because im not what i see as "good" doesn't mean that im not good enough..

But i still have a long way to go, and i was wondering if people have som advice on how to work on this by doing activities for example? Activities to do build up my self esstem and feel good about myself?


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  • Realize all your amazing qualities that come naturally to you.

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