How come black men never show up to BLM when a black woman is killed?

Whenever a black man is killed (Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, Trayvon Martin, etc..) You will see black men and women go hard in the marching and stuff but when its black women (Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Natasha Mckenna, Yvette Smith, etc...) You'll only see black women, white women and white men. I HONESTLY see more white men then I do black in these marches for black women. If BLM is just about black men, then I don't even want to do it anymore.


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  • I haven't noticed that personally. All I know is that any death is tragic, regardless of skin color or gender.


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  • Yupp. When an innocent black man is killed, I'll be outraged just like any other but when it comes to advocating for black men around the world? No, they can do it themselves. Whenever I bring out the topic of racism, you won't believe the ignorance that comes out of A LOT of black men's mouths. Its like they were Jim Crow mistakenly put into a Black man's body. So, when people trash them? Well... They do the same to us, so whatever. Now, there is some who do advocate for black women but they're a minority. Now, insult a black female around me? God bless your soul 🙏