Can anyone tell me what happened in Paris? Specifics of the attacks? What is the situation now if you know? How many have died?


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  • The body count is 140 last I heard... All I know is that it was a terrorist attack and that Paris now has the first curfew it has had since 1940 and France's borders are closed. Terrible situation... : (


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  • Over a hundred dead, the attacks were a combination of attacks, hostage taking by armed terrorists and a couple suicide bombers. Apparently the country has been put into a state of alert, they've closed the boarders and the military been deployed into the city, curfews have been enacted I believe they are actively hunting the terrorists that they haven't already shot, killed or caught yet.

    If this isn't a wake up call I don't know what is we need to stop pussy footing around with these people, and take them out once and for all, so that something like this doesn't happen again.

    • of course they aren't going to do anything. as usual.

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    • The national front is the political party that wants to limit immigration.

    • Ah gotcha yeah that would be a really good idea actually, from what I hear France has one of the biggest Muslim/middle eastern populations outside of the middle east, it would probably be a good idea to keep more from coming in. So yeah I hope they get elected to.

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  • There have been at least 140 people killed, the country is in lockdown, boarders are closed. There has been shootings and explosions all over the place.

  • 118+ were dead when last I checked. It was some sort of terrorist attack/hostage situation. They were lobbing explosives at civilians. A friend of mine had to take refuge in a stranger's house because there was shooting nearby. It's fucking horrible. I've honestly begun to lose faith in the idea that is any such thing as a "peaceful religion".

    • thats horrible!

    • Media in the US says 158 have died.

    • The worst part is not being able to get in touch with all my friends in Paris. I have no idea if they're safe, though some have been using some sort of checking in to safety thing on facebook. It's really maddening not knowing if they're all okay.

  • Multiple simultaneous attacks, over 100 hostages executed, over 140 total dead, Muslim extremists responsible. Citizens of France are disarmed so had to wait for police response for help.

    • France just issued a statement that there are a number of terrorists on the loose and they do not know how many. This isn't over.

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    • @Phoenix98 I can't argue with giving them all lead poisoning, copper jacketed lead poisoning.

  • -140+ dead
    -One hostage taking in a concert hall (about 100 dead)
    -Two shootings in/near a café and a restaurant
    -there were three explosions including at least one suicide bomber near the Stade de France during the soccer match between France and Germany

    -state of emergency declared
    -borders closed
    -1500 extra solders drafted and send to Paris
    -situation is thought to be clear now

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