Why would you keep staring at a person?

... if they were eating in (what I'd assume) is a very gross manner? Is it like, watching a train wreck or something? Or watching a horror movie?
If it were me, I'd look away.

Why would you keep staring at a person....?

  • Yes - It's like watching a horror movie; I'm all weirded out but can't stop looking.
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  • No - If they were eating repulsively I'd look away.
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  • Don't give a shit.
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  • I can't watch people eat, period.

    • Yeah, me neither. But like, I was eating at this place and this guy was straight watching me pig out. I'd side eye him and he'd be staring at me as I'm shoveling food in my mouth. It was weird.

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    • You should have offered him some of your food. Poor guy must have been hungry.

    • @Squidward There was a lot of chomping.

      @OP - Fuck no. x]

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  • I don't care! hahaha i love the adventure time!

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