Can you get away with a fine?

Ok so i got a fine. I dont know what for apparentlt i got a lettee before this is enforcment letter. haven't seen the actual reason for fine. I have no money or job atm. Before anyone points out the obviois yes i know im guilty i think i know what its for. Not sure exactly but for driving a 2 meter road which wasn't mine anyways i had to turn.
My dads fedd up. of my fines and his right. But im a new driver i try my best. Anyways my name is spelt wrong. Would i be able to get away with it? Dad sayys i can?


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  • Regardless it's still for you so you have to pay it. They still can find you if you don't pay it in time and they send a warrant out for your arrest.

    • Thats exactly what im thinking. And i can understand my dad his fed up. His telling me to ignore it which also means his not paying

    • I guess you have to find a way to get that money then.

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  • No. You will get in worse trouble if they find out and the fines can be increased.

    Pay the fine.

    Don't drive like a jerk and you won't get tickets.
    There are no excuses.

    If you can't afford fines, don't get them.
    To avoid getting them, follow the rules of the road.
    If you don't, you will get fines.
    If you get fines, you must pay them.
    If you don't pay them off, they will follow you and haunt you until the day you die, exponentially getting bigger, with more and more fees tacked on.
    If you get more fines, that you also don't pay off, you can lose your license.

    So, moral of the story, don't drive if you aren't a good enough driver and you can't afford to pay them off.

  • "I don't know what for"

    And then

    "Yes I know I'm guilty I think I know what it's for"


    • I dont know the exact reason.. :"i think" which means im not exacltty sure but im guessing what its for. Plus i said yes im guilty cause their not going to send out a fine for no reason.

  • no its best to pay and just take the bus!

    • Im not a wreckless driver -_- i just en up in roads i dont know my fines are for parking this im assuming for driving in the little box were other cars use ro turn which i had to go straight. Cause i was lost anyway

    • Still its best to just pay and try to avoid it.