What to do when people thinks I'm mental retarded?

From time to time, people thinks I'm mental retarded.
People can treat me like I'm don't know anything. If I looking at some text in a book, people can ask me: "Why do you look in the book when you can't read?"
People have also asked me several times if I can read. And if I answer yes, then they can ask me: "Are you really sure?"

I'm a huge animal lover. I love take a walk with dogs. So when someone wants me to take a walk with there dog, I always answer them yes. And then other people can ask me: "Do you know how to leash the dog?"

People can also ask me if I can help them with a math problem. Sure I love math. But it's always a really easy problem they need "help" with. Like what is 100 minus 87? When I give them the answer (=13), they can ask me: "Are you sure it's 13?"

I'm really tired to be treated like this. What to do?

Sorry for bad English. It's not my first language.


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  • Sorry that has to happen to you. I really don't know why it happens, but some people are just born mean. Try not to let them get to you.


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