How to get rid of a private photo that got leaked?

I sent a private photo to someone with my face in it and i dont have them on any social media at all but is there a way for them to spread the photo around without me noticing right away to get it removed or is this unavoidable?


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  • Once it's out there, it's out there. They could spread it in any of a hundred ways without being noticed immediately. Shouldn't be done unless it's with someone you trust completely, and even then there's the risk of someone else getting hold of it.

    • I'm not sure thats its even out there but if it is, is there any way i can make the situation better?

    • I'm sorry to say I don't think so. You could try flagging the photo for moderation to remove it if you find it popping up anywhere, but that's only if it's on a site with such a feature in the first place. Maybe ask the person you sent it to to get rid of it?

      ... I wonder if a girl asking this same question would get more feedback?