How to attract customers?

Hi everyone
I recently started making candles and small home decor. Every Candle is customize. I have with or without fragance. This are sample I made. (Pic ↓. Is a snow glove. You can flip it and nothing comes out)
how to attract customers?

I thought I was going to have a hit when I finally posted then on my community page, but I didn't. ...
Can you please help me. . Give me so tips in how to promote my items. How to attract customers? (Pic ↓. Is a sample that I can place a photograph and still have a candle.)

(Pic ↑. Is a flower inside water.. candle above)


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  • It doesn't seem to excited for me but try to make it maybe funky or freaky or something that glows... right now it look boring.


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  • If you don't mode giving away some of your trade secrets. Youtube can be very helpful. The "How to" videos draw a fair amount of views. It's free advertising, plus you might make a little money on the ads.

    • I don't think I'm at level teach other yet since I'm just learning my self.

    • Just film yourself as you go. If you can edit or know someone who can edit, that's really all you need. You could also contact a craft magazine, maybe they would run an article on you.

    • Thank you. I actually know someone from the paper. I will contact her, as soon as I have enough samples

  • Hmm... getting the word out is key - whether it's by Facebook or television ads or radio ads. I'm sure ads are expensive, but I would check to make sure. They may not be as expensive as you think.

    • Yes. I know Facebook promote your page for 5 $

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    • Ok.
      I never liked those vacuum man. Lol

    • Yeah - they're like telemarketers. I don't like them, either. I feel bad for them though as they have a job to do. But still - if I'm not interested, I'm not interested.

  • You can set up a business on eBay and Amazon Marketplace and start selling your wares on these e-commerce websites.

    • I thought about eBay. .. ill check those out

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    • Ok. Should I make small freebies?
      With my contact info

    • That sounds like a good idea, I never thought of that.

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  • Have you used Etsy? I'd suggest doing a photo shoot of them, these photos aren't that good, you want a nice, well lit area and a decent camera. Make a few adverts for them (if you want some free software to do this with then Canva for Chrome is easy to use and effective).

    You should make a page on Facebook if you haven't already, you can promote posts and offers and events for a very small price, very small, and it reaches a lot of people.

    • No. I have never heard about etsy
      You are the second person to mention it.
      And yes the pic were talking at home with my phone.

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    • Ok.
      I will set up small photo spot for the candles.
      To help it stand out.
      More lights! !

    • As much natural light as possible and try not to have dark areas, it looks bad in pics. Lots of light from lots of sources.

  • youtube, etsy, and ebay can all be effective