Does this actually make u gain weight?

I read somewhere that some girl chew cake or food they want (that has a lot of fat in) and then spit it out to not gsin weight. Does it actually prevent gaining anything?

Absolutely did not ask this for weight loss. I read it somewhere and it just kinda sounds more disturbing than girls swallowing cotton balls! Like W. T. H, i think it's sad that girl go to such extremes


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  • Yes, it prevents you from having friends. Who the hell wants to sit next to someone who chews their birthday cake then spits it out in a garbage can next to them, lol.


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  • Yeah, thats kind of an unheard of thing, (but I know what it is) I actually did this a lot I have an eating disorder though so please don't do it. I wish you wouldn't have posted this because as I said it's not very heard of and now this is just making it more public but anyways..

    I stopped because it is dangerous When food first gets onto your tongue it tells your body to release stomach acid and nd if you don't swallow that food that stomach acid will just SIT inside of your stomach and if you keep doing that over and over it could have dangerous side effects.

    And for weight loss? Not worth it, It just made me more hungry. F


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  • If you want to loose weight there are correct paths to do that...
    If you need tips, please make a ask about what you need.

    • I didn't know about the Cotton Ball trend, that's a big uau for me. Im reading about that now... now that's extrem.

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    • And if you girls want to impress guys... do it showing them your personality. That's how you make a guy love you (and not only your body).

    • I know some girls would want to get a sexy thin body to give the first impression and get a guy's attention but that's guys who only want the body and nothing more so that's actually a waste

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  • Well you aren't ingesting anything, this is like bulimia for pussies.

  • This is just another stupid eating disorder.

  • If you don't swallow then no you're obviously not gonna get all the calories. You won't get nutrients, the same satisfaction and you'll waste the hell of a lot of food too though.