Do you like dounts🍩?

Do you like it? Hate it? never seen it? TELLL ME!!!
Do you like dounts🍩?


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  • damn you apple, i was thinking about posting a question about donuts. it's ok tho, you'll get way more answers than me since no one likes me here :(

    oh yeah, i fucking love donuts :)

    • Your a Guru! You should have a load of responses! I respond! I think! hahah

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    • we could always rob banks instead. we'll be the new bonnie & clyde ;)

    • hahah... too funny!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus yes.

    Would eat them all day every day all the time. I have been eating a few lately. I caved to my craving and have had one for breakfast every day for the last week lol

    Bad for my diet but an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill is totally worth it.


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