Is it bad that ever since leaving college I don't really know any women?

If so, where can I meet some?

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  • No sometimes its hard to meet women at work... so you might want go somewhere!


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  • Now you'll have to meet them in the work place or similar activities

    • Work place is a big no no

    • Not if you have a delivery job like me, doesn't have to be at work per say, that would be bad then

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What Girls Said 2

  • You just need to get out more.

    • Where should I go?

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    • Also, I really want to do either this walking or climbing club but there's also a particular voluntary opportunity I really want to do but it's a massive time commitment (18 hours a month). I probably won't be able to do the walking or climbing club as well if I do that.

    • I don't know if volunteering is a place where you can meet people to date either. Is it inappropriate like it is at work?

  • That is the dumbest reason I have ever heard to sacrifice your education.

    • I didn't sacrifice it

    • Yes I misread the question.

What Guys Said 1

  • You just have to be social. Go to parties, bars, nightclubs... Etc

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