Food fight to the death! What's your food of choice?

I pick pineapples. They can do some damage. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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  • Coconuts! Bring it bitches!

    • I'm not stalking! Honest! You're just EVERY where!
      Best answer here! With the best modifier too! L-O- phreaking-L

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    • Un-phreaking-canny!
      That's just what I thought ... looking at your pic! Hence my comment.
      We have to stop meeting like this!

      ... Until the next time we do, of course, K?
      I need to "refer" to people when writing to them. Mention their name once in a while, in case they forget who I'm writing to. I just can't bring myself to call you... to call you... that O-word.
      "45" seems impersonal. Besides, I just checked a Gun that goes by that same Moniker. No, I'm not into Guns. It was my Dad's, issued to him in 1941 when he became a Pilot. Bombed the Nazi's!!
      Just did a winter check of the Colt 45 to be sure it's oiled...* There I go again. Why do you put up with this?
      My point? What should I call you? With your flitting here and me flitting there... at this rate, "Two ships passing in the night" has as much relevance as the truth does on the sexual behaviors topic!
      Next time... you can let me know... no? Enjoy your weekend '45~

    • @1derweye I think 45 is fine, makes me sound like an FBI agent. And you as well! :D

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