Whos dumber? the one who makes technical/grammar mistakes or the reader who can't see beyond that and attacks the grammar/technicality?

nothing happened to me but i feel if people can see beyond others mistakes, itd be a good way to communicate.


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  • We must prevent that person from making that mistake again, which is why we simply inform them.

    • the person might already know. i make mistakes of things i know of.

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    • Your missing my point. Most people don't need that correction. I m college educated working in law. Professionalism is very important but I make mistakes too is what I m saying. Good for 15 yr olds I suppose

    • I understand that aspect, but what I am telling you is that if we enforce it, you will make more of an effort to try and avoid making said mistake again.

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  • The person who made the mistake. Everyone makes grammar mistakes everynow and then, but the only way to learn from your mistakes is to realize that they happen and try to correct them.

    • mistakes are unavoidable. mistakes aren't made only because someone doesn't know. its part of human error. why we type and record things.

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