Am I being catfishes and why am I not bothered by it?

I got a friends request on fb from some one who thought I was their friend. I later went on and saw they did add some one with my exact name. As far from her profile she's a very attractive woman working in Africa as a nurse for cancer research. Sounds a tad over the top An American nurse in Africa who is chatting me up. (I'm American too). I'm about 90% convinced Im being catfished since its out of the ordinary but the messenger conversations are actually nice and pleasent, nothing sexual at all just good all "how was your day". It worries me that I'm not out raged or that I'm not questioning her motives. She just wants to talk and it makes me wonder why would some one willingly make a fake profile just to talk with strangers? Are people that lonely or did I just accidentally meet a gorgeous nurse working in Africa who likes to have pleasent conversations with strangers?
im a long time gager but in the off chance she sees this I'm doing anon because odd as it seems I'd hate to hurt a strangers feelings


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  • Well she isn't doing anything wrong... Yet. Yes she may of used someone's photo or made up some career title for herself, but she is just having a harmless conversation with you. She isn't using you in any shape or form, so what you are feeling is quite rational at this stage.


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