Please help me I am feeling too much shocked and confused, please answer me. Read my question. I need your help?

On facebook I was logged in from an another id which I keep always deactivated but for some fb settings I reactivated that id just for few minutes and I was searching something and I found my bf's another account and he also uses and even recently uploaded his new pics on that account which he does not share with me and he wrote his first name in the different way and with a different last surname in that id, I was astonished by seeing it I copied his that id's link url and then I deactivated that id which I was using and logged in from my permanent id which I use and on which I have my all friends including my boyfriend and I pasted that url but I found that I was blocked by him from his that another id which I never knew exist that's why his that id is not visible to me from my fb account and not only me my all family members id are blocked from his that another account. But his that id exists but he blocked us so that it can't be visible to us and so that we don't get to know about his that id but why? Why he did this? What can be the reason behind this? Why he does not want to let us know about his that id? And his activities seems different there. And my boyfriend always deletes my comments from his posts no matter my comment is just a simple smiley and never deletes anyone's comments except me and he even deletes his posts if I just clicked like button on the post. Why he created that id and blocked us? And what should I do? I'm feeling like I'm betrayed please help me. Thanks.


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  • There are many possible reasons. Before examining them, you might consider asking yourself why you have a "deactivated" FB ID.

    • That was my extra id which I never uses so I deactivated that and want to delete that but not able to use the desktop version, that's why

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    • I decided that I'll not tell that I have seen his that id and I will watch his id from a different account which I'll create just to see his id. Should I do this?
      I want to make sure that before marrying him I got confirmed that he's loyal and not diuble faced. But from his this activity it seems that he's double faced :( Should I be concerned about this matter?

    • In general, we all know the truth about people. Facing the truth is a different matter. If you think he's cheating, he probably is. Go with your gut feelings.

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