Why Do People Act Like It's Strange When I Don't Want To Buy A Drink?

I'm typically a homebody, but life is short... so I've been going out more and doing things and just trying to enjoy myself.

-I have been going to clubs and lounges recently... and when I talk to people, they act like it's strange that I didn't buy a drink... or the waiters continously ask me if I want a drink and look shocked that I don't buy anything.

- Same story at strip clubs. I just go to strip clubs to get a lap dance and leave. I just look for the sexiest girl, ask her for a lap dance and then leave.

The last time I purchased 2 drinks from a club, it cost me $15 dollars! Sometimes when I got to a bar and order a drink, it cost me $10 bucks. Why should I buy drinks from clubs/strip clubs/lounges when I can just buy a couple of drink s from the grocery story for $4? Why should I have to pay $15 for a couple of drinks? That's too over priced!

I just bring mouth spray with me if I am thirsy, gum or peppermints... I refuse to pay for expensive drinks.


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  • People are drinkers.


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