WHen do you think would be appropriate for me to ask for a raise?

I'm a teacher's assistant at an English learning center. I can't be a teacher because I'm neither a native speaker, nor am I Caucasian. Despite me speaking English really well and with an American accent. Because simply, the selling point in this learning center is that the teachers are native speakers, a. k. a. white (even if you're not a native speaker and use wrong grammars every now and then, as long as you're white, parents would be happy to have you teach their kids). Yes, I know. Fucking racists. But it is the way it is in Asia.

If one of the white teachers are absent, I have to teach. And teaching requires more energy than just assisting. Besides, depending on the teacher, "just" assisting doesn't necessarily mean that I spend less energy or do less work than them. But my hourly pay is only a third of what the white teachers get. Even if I have to teach.

I have been working here since July or August, can't remember anymore. And when I asked the head of staff last week whether they have any complaints about my work, they said no.

I'M planning on asking my boss to get paid same as the actual teachers when i actually have to teach. When do you think i should do that? Would the end of this year be okay?


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  • Its a comlicated one. First of all, you should be in a position to assert your status. Is your school aware of your work? Second If you are fired, is it very easy to find a teacher like you? This happened to me, actually i worked really hard and earned some sort of reputation there. After my name was well known i started demanding what all i wanted and surprisingly i got most of them. So you should prove your worth there and then the ball is in your court..


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  • Do you have the credentials that the other teachers have, like a bachelor's, or a master's degree?

    • No, unfortunately.

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    • I'm not exactly asking them to pay me the same as the other teachers cause i think that might be too much to ask. I've just now heard from one of the teachers that he earns 6 times more than i do on the weekends. I also work on the weekends. I was like, wtf? 6 fucking times more? When the energy i spend is exactly the same? What a joke...

      I would settle on just getting a double of what i now earn.

    • I just don't know whether It's time to do that just yet. I don't want to be that ungrateful employee, you know? That employee who's always complaining

  • Just ask worse case they say no


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