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Best to ask girls this question. So I told this girl I'm looking for a place to move into. She joked about me getting a 2bd, so I laughed and said well that's actually what I'm looking for. So she was quick to convince me to let her be my roommate, even said she thinks we get along well enough to live together. So I guess I wouldn't mind some kind of insight to this. She's also told me that two of our coworkers make her feel awkward due to age difference, her younger than them. But I'm in the middle of those two for age so why don't I make her feel awkward


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  • It sounds kind of sketchy but maybe she thinks she can trust you. Anyway I recommend NEVER rooming with someone you also work with... Hella annoying! I've been there done that. It's different if you're a couple living together though so maybe she's into you. Even so that's kind of strange to mention if you aren't dating.

    • I can hope she's into me lol. But I do totally agree especially when I thought she didn't like me even as a friend. Thought she just kinda tolerated being around me, try and use me for things but this kinda turned my world upside down.

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