What do you think of this reaction?

(I know this is an old story but it wasn't actually publicised all that much and I wanted to see what people thought of this reaction- also sorry if some of the detail upsets you, I'm just trying to give you an idea of what happened)
So, on the 19th of April this year, a water park in Vietnam opened it's gates for free for 2 hours. It got VERY busy and the shut the gates... But on the lazy river, it was very crowded, and suddenly many young men began to strip and molest the young girls in their bikinis. Quite viciously as many of the girls had many cuts, bruises as well as being sexually assualted. Many of the girls were held underwater, so they couldn't defend themselves. It was a very distressing experience for many of them.
Then, the Vice General Director said "The girls' bikinis were poor quality" and that is apparently why they were ripped.
And a Professor claimed it was the girls' fault because (I quote) they said:
“The first thing is to blame the girls who did not consciously protect themselves. In an environment where everyone, male and female, are nude about 80 percent (or even more), the emergence of excessive action is inevitable.”
What do you make of this?


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  • It seems bloody awful.
    I don't know much so I won't comment further.

    • I'm glad someone thinks it's bad! Would you blame the girls because they were wearing bikinis?

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