Would you hate an Arabian for being Arabian even if he is nice, helpful and isn't a religious devout (specially if you are north european)?

For example if you are nordic and a new girl came to your class in school (you are sure that this girl is arabian because of her dark hair, eyes, etc...) and that girl seems to be nice. What would you do? would you ignore her and prevent her from sitting next to you? Or would you treat her like any new student? I want really honest answers


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  • No, I don't morally judge people by their genes.

    I have to say though, that most allegedly 'moderate' Muslims take their religion more seriously than most alegedly 'devout' Christians.

    • You're right but if he doesn't take his religion seriously, does being a Muslim is considered a drawback? or you wouldn't mind to have a Muslim friend

    • I'd be happy to have a friend who is religious but not seriously so. However, I date only atheists.

    • I'm not talking about dating actually (that's a really far step I'm not looking forward to) I'm talking about having him as a friend or as a best friend maybe

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  • Um I wouldn't care at all

    • I wish that everyone thinks like you ☺