Why would my boyfriend follow these "models" on social media? Does this mean he isn't into me anymore?

My boyfriend has an instagram but barely uses it. Doesn't post but only follows people.
But the people he follows are these models who are all half naked in pictures. Many have tattoos and piercings and crazy hair colors, and I have none of that stuff.
I am not super confident in the way I look. But knowing he likes to look at these girls and maybe even fantasizes about them makes me feel sad. They are so much hotter than I am.
Why would he date me if he is into girls who look like that?
Why would he follow them?
Does this mean he secretly isn't into me?

I am active on instagram but I don't follow or like pictures of male models lol. I solely use it for friends and makeup and some youtubers I like.


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  • OK, this needs an explanation. Unless he actually *knows* these people he is looking at, DO NOT worry about it. Nice scenery is simply that. You assume that (1) He obsesses about these women long after he enjoys the view, and (2) he is comparing them to you. Honestly, he isn't:


    • hahaha
      So guys really don't remember if they see someone in person, but what about instagram where he can consciously choose to follow them and look at them any time he pleases to?

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    • OK, he has fantasies, and he would like to act them out with you.

      The key point to remember is that he still wants--YOU. Now you are under no obligation to act them out with him, but be flattered that he obviously desires you enough to want that.

      He may need a real world reality check, but obviously he wants to act out his fantasies with you.

    • yeah. its just id never get a strange place pierced or get a tattoo because I'm afraid of the pain.
      and he totally knows that too hahaha

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  • To be honest, I think most males make an Instagram account just to follow girls like that. I would not worry about it, unless he actually does something that could break your relationship.

    • it just makes me feel super fat and ugly. :(
      like what makes them so much better to look at than his girlfriend? you know? Like why am I not enough?

    • If he doesn't know them in real life, I don't think you should worry about it. I am sure he has given you signs or even told you how much he cares for you regardless of how your body looks right now. :)