Guys rarely find me attractive. How do I upgrade?

I've talked to plenty of guys and I even show that I'm intrested and they either continue to be indifferent or reject me, because of this I keep comparing myself to other girls especially the ones on this "attractive/girls to have sex with list" that all the guys talk about :/. Guys usually see me as a friend (I usually have things in common with these guys but my face and body is an obstacle), I want to be fawned over and seen as sexy but I dont know where to start.


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  • where to start... start by being confident. Your guy hasn't found you yet. Don't go by what lists there are etc. it took me 34 years to find my guy and I wasn't even the one who wrote to him first. He made first contact on okcupid. These other guys you mention are just not mature enough to see the beauty you have. I definitely see that now. The list you mention is definitely THE worst list to use to compare yourself to. Honestly you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but if you absolutely have to compare yourself to Marie Curie, sojourner truth etc. The list just degrates women and the guys who go by it are not worth your time. They are the cheaters and denigrates of mankind. I had too many heartbreaks and depression over them for nothing. Don't let them hurt you or your confidence like they did me. You will find him. He's just busy growing up to better take care of you. Not that an independent strong woman like you needs to be taken care of, mind you.

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