Why is it that the first company to come up with something, is almost never the most successful company in the end?

I noticed that the first companies to invent / pioneer a technology product is almost never the company that succeeds in the end. Just a few examples:

Palm came out with the first smart phones (Palm Pilot, etc.), and now they're bankrupt. Blackberry was among the first to succeed, but now they're almost bankrupt. Now smartphones are dominated by Apple and Samsung.

In the early days of Social Networking, it was dominated by MySpace. Now nobody uses MySpace and everyone uses Facebook.

So ya, the first pioneers of a technology related product is never the company that succeeds in the end.


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  • I think it's because they are good ideas but since they are new there are still lots of essential improvements to make, and then the first ones to come up with those improvements end up killing the pioneers.


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