I been trying to get over him but I can't, I know it might sound stupid but could this be a curse?

What does it mean when my guyfriend says that I will never for get about him and if we dont get together this lifetime maybe the next we will. I honestly can't forget about him... he's in my mind all day, like he lives there. Im not obsessed and when I wake up ever morning, I tell myself that I will not think about him, and I do. I tried to do the meditation excersies to clear my mind it not working. I tried to separate from him, and onetime we stopped talking for a year, after the year, we got closer. He kissed me and I told him to forget about what happen. He told me to not suppress my feelings for him. He stopped talking to me, but I can't erase him. What's going on?


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  • Oxytocin and a brain that's not being helpful.

    That happens sometimes :p I know a girl who had an unhealthy relationship with a guy and couldn't get him out of her head despite knowing she should... it just took lots and lots of time and not seeing him at all, and even then, when she unexpectedly ran into him, aaall those old brain pathways were right there to activate.

    Stupid brains.

    • I dont get the brain idea... but we never dated.. we are just friendship... he didn't fo anything wrong.. its just weird that I keep thinking of each other this way and we only friends. Maybe im crazy... lol... but thanks

    • Oh, they never dated either.

      The brain has habits, just like we're used to thinking we have (brush the teeth before bed, etc), but for the brain, it'll be things like "wake up and think of this guy!" ... sometimes they're really really stupid ("wake up and think of this guy!") sometimes a little unhelpful (always get extra angry when someone says they don't like cats), sometimes benign or nice ("remember grandpa every time I smell cigar smoke" ... which could be unhelpful depending on grandpa). Those pathways, those habits the brain has, those patterns of behavior and emotional response... can be really hard to break.

      For my friend, it took a long time, but she's over this guy now, so that's good!

    • ("over" as in, she doesn't think about him any more, in any context)

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